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                                      2015 Review



The Unlimited Racing Championship regrets the inability to race at the 4 events scheduled for 2015.


The URC would like to thank World Challenge Vision for providing the venues, and SCCA Pro Racing for sanctioning the events.


While our minimum of 8 cars was self imposed, we believe this is the amount required to provide the level of presentation befitting the venues, the quality of the Nu Art Can Am project and the original Can Am series to which the URC is an homage.


A financial commitment of considerable size was acquired prior to Thanksgiving of 2014, that would have seen 8 cars at COTA, and then 12 on the grid by the 2nd race.

Despite written documents and verbal assurance from senior bankers, the investment proved elusive due to factors in the international markets for these type of transactions. To their credit, the investors have remained steadfast in their commitment and have provided continual information despite the delay. We expect they will successfully complete the transaction(s) and the investment into the URC and we will be on track for a "URC showcase" this fall.


While our cars are meant to rekindle those wonderful emotions of the original Can Am days, the fact is our approach includes the same structure on the ownership side,  with all the cars and drivers primarily funded at a personal level.  While this is a significant departure from other top level series of today, we believe it is an 

accurate approach to replicate the journey that created the atmosphere many of us experienced as youngsters, and which still fuel our passions today.


Surely this is an unconventional approach to starting a modern series, as corporate sponsors are a typical requirement for "prototype level" cars today. We simply ask your understanding and attention as we pursue the dream of creating a tribute to 

the original Can Am as we look towards the 2016 season.

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