Southwestern Performance, the company that has produced the NuArt Can Am car has a rich history from its parent companies, unique in racing, past and present. Southwestern Composites, an aerospace company founded in 1989 by Richard Nauert, employed 100 people and produced advanced composites and bonded aluminum honeycomb structures for the Space Shuttle, B2 bombers, submarines, and a wide array of other applications.


The company was also a licensed FAA composite repair station, an elevated U.S. government level. Southwestern founder, Richard Nauert, later founded Flextech, an orthopedic medical devices company, which produced 38 different composite orthopedic braces, and is now the orthopedic bracing division of a leading USA medical company.


The Southwestern Performance racing entity, founded in 1990, for over twenty years has produced chassis and other vital parts in the racing world for cars in top level pro series, such as IMSA GTPs, CART, Indy Lights, ALMS, Toyota Atlantics and many others. The technical contributions and experience from the aerospace and medical companies are central to the 22 years of the Southwestern Performance racing company. In 1997, Southwestern Performance invented the removable safety seat for formula cars, and introduced it at the Indy 500. This original seat was the inspiration for the seat used as the standard for Formula 1 and other series around the world, including NASCAR today. Southwestern Performance was the prime subcontractor for the chassis on every production Saleen S7, and also produced the FIA certified crashbox and numerous other key components.In 2010, a Southwestern-built chassis became only the third U.S. company to stand on the podium at Le Mans.

Also in 2010, Southwestern was a key player in breaking the oldest and most prestigious record at Bonneville, with critical aero design and construction of the nose that enabled the “Spirit of Rett” to break the legendary record of The Golden Rod. The “Spirit of Rett” reached a top speed of nearly 430 mph, and made two phenomenal speed runs for an average of 414.3 mph, shattering the 45-year-old Goldenrod record.

Now, Southwestern Performance is introducing a new single-make series designed for both gentlemen race drivers and professional racers who wish to “live the dream” of the Can Am era on the world stage. The Unlimited Racing Championship will feature identical, newly designed NuArt Can Am race cars. Driver skill and racing luck will be needed to claim victory in 30-minute races that will be run as a support series to pro racing events. These events will be held at the historic Can Am racing circuits around North America, evoking memories of a legendary tradition, while creating a new era of racing. The heritage of the Can Am series from yesteryear will draw drivers and fans to the The Unlimited Racing Championship,” from around the globe.