The NuArt CanAm Car

The NuART Can Am spawns a new race series, the Unlimited Racing Chamionship or "URC". This exciting series was developed as an homage to America’s halcyon sports car racing years, the Canadian American Challenge Cup, aka. the "Can Am". While the cars are valid representatives of the originals, they have been constructed within the visual constraints of their fore fathers, from the best of modern American invention and craftsmanship today. It is a rebirth of the sights and sounds of the historic Can Am, yet made from 21st century materials, design, engineering, with modern safety innovations.


The NuArt Can Am car reaches for the essence of the racing art form. Although inspired by yesteryear's legendary Can Am cars, the NuArt Can Am is an entirely new creation, designed as a thoroughbred race car for today. While it shares strong visual ties to classic Can Am cars from the glory days of the 60s and 70s, the car is entirely new from the ground up, and is engineered for safety, aerodynamics, driver comfort, reliability and speed on today's world class race tracks.

The powerful 494 cubic inch Chevy big block engine produces 700+ horsepower at a surprisingly conservative 10:1 compression ratio. Fuel delivery is via a patented electronic injection system that features fly-by-wire throttle, and scalable power settings at approximately 300, 450, 600, and 700+ horsepower, for a safer and faster learning curve. All of this is contained in a tall-stack injection system that is visually accurate to the original Can Am cars of yore.


Unlike early Can Am cars, the NuArt Can Am places the driver’s feet behind the center-line of the front wheel, and incorporates perimeter crush structures on both sides, and in front. Hot engine fluids are routed outside the driver’s cockpit area, and a removable "safety seat" ( originally invented for Indy Racing by Nu Art ) with wrap-around headrest accommodates the essential HANS device for the driver’s head-and-neck protection. The driver’s compartment accommodates drivers of up to 6’5” in height, and 280 pounds in weight. And, there is passenger "safety seat" accommodation, for occasions where track rides are warranted for the uninitiated.

The NuArt Can Am also features power steering, a traditional close ratio “H” pattern 5-speed synchro-mesh gearbox, and 12-inch diameter steel ( as the original cars used ) to help manage the power of the mighty aluminum big block engine. All this generates a uniquely challenging, yet fun driver experience, reminiscent of pure 1960s-1970s “unlimited” Can Am sportscar racing. Thunderous power, stunning speed, effectively controlled, with a high degree of safety. Matchless to see, hear, and experience!