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Following two exhibition days at Road America in Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin the Unlimited Racing Championship CAN AM cars enjoyed an invitation to be displayed at the prestigious Autobahn Country Club in Chicago, by it's President and Founder Mr. Mark Basso.

Stand-out veteran driver Jason Saini, World Challenge and Miata MX 5 Champion, conducted a rigorous track test of the NuArt Can Am car on the 2.3 mile "south course" while curious Autobahn members assembled on the Clubhouse's roof-top veranda for a full view of the show.


After a few laps at the 600-horsepower setting, just to develop "muscle memory" for the controls, Saini escalated to full power setting, and began to settle into a rhythm of laps that were successively quicker. The thunder of the all-aluminum 494 Big Block could be heard the entire way around the track.

This was an impactful duplication of the phenomenon heard during laps driven by factory GM Corvette driver Kelly Collins, just two days prior at Road America, where fans marveled at the wonderful sound of the downshifts, despite the fact that the car was 2.5 miles away at the opposite end of the long track, and deep in the lush Wisconsin woods.

As Saini’s laps upticked, the CJ Wilson Racing pilot became increasingly bold, squeezing mid-corner throttle applications in search for the limit of available traction, and taunting the car's manners.

Following the conclusion of the drive, Jason exclaimed; "I wasn't ready to be finished, the car is so easy to drive, so forgiving, it just inspires confidence and I was looking for even the most subtle hint that the limit was being approached -- but it never came!"

"It just keeps sucking up your request for more power and speed, without any nervous feedback. I was genuinely surprised, and man, it’s fun to drive! "I cant wait to get an entire day to really come to grips with all that torque being put down through the massive slicks."

"Wow, the legendary greats like Hulme and McLaren really drove some amazing cars that all young drivers need to experience to appreciate. I feel lucky to have gotten that chance today. I can absolutely say, Can Am cars are AWESOME"!

CJ Wilson Racing is a passionate pursuit of MLB Anaheim Angels pitcher, CJ Wilson, who enjoys racing as well as track days for relaxation and recreation. Following the conclusion of the baseball season, CJ will also be offered a chance to get behind the wheel and turn some laps in a NuArt Can Am car.

Richard Nauert, President of the Unlimited Racing Championship, said: " We were pleased to able to have Jason Saini from CJ Wilson Racing showcase the car for the members of Autobahn Country Club and look forward to offering CJ a life experience he will never forget, following the end of his season. I would wager that CJ would be a professional racer if it weren't for having a stellar career in professional baseball. As such, I think it’s the least we can do to show our appreciation for the generous support that CJ Wilson's Children's Charities provides to kids in need."

"We really enjoyed the day at Autobahn and were impressed with every aspect of the entire facility. The two tracks are immaculate and appear to be set in a groomed park. The track layout and surface is perfect, with full-time corner workers. It’s really a racer’s dream, especially when you add a luxury "Garage Mahal" right on the edge of the race track! We can see being at Autobahn in the coming year as a centralized location for our East Coast and Midwest customers.


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