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Nu Art CanAm headlines at new 100 million dollar private track

The Nu Art Can Am cars were recently invited to attend the grand opening of the new premier "members only motorsports facility", Thermal Club, located in La Quinta, California.

The Nu Art Can Am cars were in attendance at the new track, which was designed by Alan Wilson, the renowned architect of many modern F1 tracks.


Luxury brands of Bugatti, Lamborghini, BMW, Aston Martin, Ducati were also on display, with BMW providing driving experiences in several of their models.



Thermal Club is a $100 million dollar facility that includes three different private circuit configurations, trackside villas, a motorsport village with a state-of-the-art clubhouse, tuning shop, a fuel island, as well as member storage garages which are designed to bring the country club lifestyle to Southern California’s diverse car culture.

Against the backdrop of the luxury brands, the Nu Art Can Am cars added to the ambiance with hand built race cars.

Once the cars were on track, the pit walls were lined with onlookers attracted by the unmistakable sound of the big, injected, 500 cubic inch racing engines at 7,000 rpm blasting down the straightaway.



Due to their visual impact, the Nu Art Can Am cars have been chosen as the "cover shot" for Thermals magazine advertisements, as well as headlining their web pages.

Nu Art Can Am is appreciative of the invitation and looks forward to many more days on the "private pavement" at Thermal.

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